Oskar Metsavaht

Oskar Metsavaht, a man of many talents: fashion designer, creator, filmmaker, artist, entrepreneur… the list is long, the talents are diverse.

Oskar Metsavaht – “Lifestyle Nations”

We’re sitting with Oskar Metsavaht at one of the small beachfront cafés with a view on the Atlantic Ocean. As Oskar talks, we get to know the diversity of his activities, which all come together around that central and all-encompassing theme: sustainability.

He looks out over the ocean as if he can see this sustainable world he wants to create right there, and as he talks, we understand that every single one of his ideas, projects and community initiatives is geared towards realising his vision.

He sits back in his chair and looks down the beach. A big wave is rolling in from the ocean. A surfer who was waiting for this wave now climbs onto his board, accelerates, swerves onto the crest, jumps and disappears under water. Oskar turns back to us, as if he has been teleported from the surfboard back to the table.

Ipanema 2

“So, to summarise,” I say, “you are using your name and brand to promote sustainability as a way of life – a cool way of life. Starting in Brazil, but I’m sure you’re looking to make an impact internationally as well.” Oskar looks at the beach again, where the surfer is paddling along, waiting patiently for the perfect Hawaiian wave.

“The world is changing,” he says as he turns back to us. “I can see it happening. Soon it will be irrelevant where you are from – there will be no more geographical nations. Instead there will be lifestyle nations, people all around the world will connect based on ideas and attitudes.” He pauses for a moment. “It won’t matter where you are born, or where you live – lifestyle will connect us. I want to be part of the sustainable lifestyle nation and I want to make sure it is a cool place to be.”

I look at Oskar and Anouk and then turn to the surfer floating on the waves, and I realise that I already live there, in a place that is not defined by geography but by connections to like-minded people around the world. My lifestyle nation.

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